Meet Our Team

President and Founder of Hatcher Associates, Inc. Joseph Cecchini at his first job as a pattern maker     Joseph working diligently on a hand crafted model
Joseph Cecchini, a pattern maker from Northern Italy, founded Hatcher Associates in 1959. In the early years the business focused on hand made models and prototypes. By 1979, Hatcher Associates was rapidly outgrowing its second story model shop on North Wells Street and moved to its current location at North Avenue and Throop Street. As Hatcher’s business expanded, so did it staff. Starting with his eldest son Franco, Joseph incorporated all four of his sons into Hatcher Associates. Today, all four brothers Franco, John, Rob, and Larry work side by side with some of the city’s finest model makers, designers, and engineers.

Franco Cecchini

Franco has been matching colors and custom tints for Hatcher for over 35 years. Franco can match a color to a scrap of paper.

John Cecchini

John has worked for Hatcher for 30 years. John is in charge of client and customer relations. A talented model maker, John manages our team of model makers, rapid prototypers, and finishers.

Rob Cecchini

Rob has been with Hatcher Associates for 24 years. Since coming to Hatcher im 1984 Rob has been the leader in applying the latest technology to the process of model making and prototyping. Trained in CADKey, SmartCAM, and SolidWorks, Rob heads up our CNC group and is always seeking out new sources of innovation.

Larry Cecchini

Larry, the youngest of Joseph's sons, has been with Hatcher for over 25 years and is leading the way with the latest rapid prototyping technology. Larry runs both our 3D Printer and SLA Machine.

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