• About Us

    At Hatcher Associates we specialize in making high-quality prototypes to suit your needs and we've been doing it for over 50 years. Our goal is to make your project standout, we have a dedicated team of specialists to help bring it to life. 

  • Hatcher's History

    Hatcher Associates was founded in 1959 by Guiseppe Cecchini, an Italian immigrant. Guiseppe came to the US with the hopes of building a better life. After he had got himself settled in Chicago he sent for his wife Silvanna. Guiseppe built the business from the ground up and when his four sons, Franco, John, Rob, and Larry, came of age they all lent a hand. To this day Hatcher Associates remains a family-owned business.

  • Hatcher Today

    At almost 60 years old Hatcher Associates is still run by the Cecchini family; Guiseppes son's John, Rob, and Larry; and even his some of his Grandsons.