Rapid Prototyping

Hatcher Associates offers the latest in Rapid Prototyping Technology
Stereolithography (SLA)
Stereolithography (SLA) is the latest rapid prototyping process, which allows for the creation of a precise three-dimensional part from a 3D CAD data file. The Viper SLA uses a solid-state laser to cure a photosensitive liquid polymer or resin. Applied layer by layer the resin creates a 3D part. SLA technology allows for parts to be created with accuracy and precision.
  • Our Viper SLA has a 10" x 10" x 10" build envelope

  • Material: Accura 60
Raw SLA parts
Raw SLA parts, sanded and ready for the spray room
3D Printing
3D Printing is another rapid prototyping process that creates three-dimesional parts from 3D CAD data. Objet's patented PolyJet technology jets polymer materials to produce high quality and highly accurate 3D models and parts. Hatcher Associates was the first model shop in the Chicago-land area to offer our clients Objet technology in 2004.
  • Our Objet EDEN 333 has a 13.5" x 13.5" x 8" build envelope

  • Material: VeroWhite
Our Eden 333 3D Printer
Our Eden 333 3D Printer

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